Meet the Candidate

The Early Days

 I grew up moving often throughout my childhood, which created a great advantage in problem-solving and integrating well with people from many different backgrounds and cultures. My father was a professional football player who played  under a great teacher and leader, Vince Lombardi, so you can only imagine the excellence and team work that that was demanded from his 4 daughters in all that he taught us. My mother spent most of her days driving us to swim practice, gymnastics, and music lessons and sewing our clothes. As we grew more self-reliant, she completed her college degree and resumed her teaching career.

I came to the Hill Country for the first time in the early 80’s to attend Southwest Texas State University. As a young adventurer, I had the
opportunity to explore the Yucatan Peninsula where I eventually settled down, married and raised my oldest 3 children on a small island in the Mexican Caribbean. Living on the island didn’t present many job opportunities, so I started my first business - a restaurant serving local cuisine to tourists visiting the island. 

I returned to the states as a single mom and re-enrolled in college while pursuing a new career as a landscape designer and contractor. I remarried Hill Country native, Ron Prewitt, in 1996 and we had our 4th child. We have both been blessed to own and operate successful small business in San Marcos, Wimberley and New Braunfels. A decade ago, I saw an opportunity to give back to the community that has given so much to our family, and I have served in one capacity or another ever since.  My children are all grown now having pursued their own educational goals, launched careers, started families and even blessed me with a beautiful grandson.   

These experiences have fundamentally shaped who I am, and my understanding of what people really need to thrive. I know the value of community. I understand the hard-earned value of a dollar, especially when it is your dollar. I want to work hard in every way to ensure that the gateway to God’s country and the land surrounding us remains beautiful and healthy as we found it.  


In the 2 years prior to my council service, I served as the vice-chair of the Comprehensive Master Plan advisory committee which created a guided growth plan for San Marcos for the next 10-50 years entitled “A River Runs Through Us.”

During this same time period, I was also a member of the San Marcos Watershed Initiative. Our end goal was implementing a community approved and federally accepted watershed protection plan and water quality control for the Upper San Marcos River. I support a similar plan that was created for the Wimberley, Cypress Creek Watershed.  

After the floods of 2015, it became very apparent to me that without a regional approach we would not be able to solve our flooding challenges, or be fully successful at protecting and preserving our natural environment, water, rivers and streams, or to find opportunities that could expand our transportation options.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the roads we depend on for our daily needs don’t stop at the city limits or even county lines. It is clear that we are way behind in creating sound and true regional coalitions that are really committed to taking into the future.

I have had the honor of serving our dynamic community as a city council member in San Marcos for 6 years, during which I was appointment Mayor pro tem multiple times by my colleagues.    

During my service to the city, I passionately focused on increasing Environmental Sustainability, modernizing our Criminal Justice System, securing Transportation and Mobility Options, and supporting Tourism and Downtown Business expansion through Main Street programs.

I have represented our citizens on multiple development agreement committees to ensure that the success of any development is defined by the enhancements that project would bring to our community - and that new projects would not deplete community resources.

Looking Onwards...

As leaders in our community, we have a great responsibility to create policies that ensure the health and safety of our stakeholders. The Covid Pandemic has been devastating for our families and local economies and my heart goes out to every person who has lost a loved one. We should be not sitting idle waiting to see what the future has in store for us, but WE should be creating the new future based on OUR community vision. I want to work to ensure that every household is thriving and our economy is based on recapturing wealth right here at home and not extracting it to far away places.

Our work is just beginning. Doing business as usual has not aided our families or local businesses. We need leadership that is willing to listen, bring community to the table, then bring all the stakeholders together to create the roadmap to put us in a healthier trajectory.

As your candidate for Hays Commissioner Pct. 3, we can accomplish a regional impact, so that your children and grandchildren will want to stay in the Hill Country because together we will have created a much healthier, sustainable, and inclusive quality of life.